Three Things You Never Knew About Training Your Puppy

29 December 2015
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Training a puppy is something that seems pretty straightforward, but is actually somewhat difficult to do well. It takes some insight into the mind of a puppy to really train them well, not just throwing commands to them. If you're starting out on the process, here's a look at three things you never knew about training a puppy. There Should Be No Name Calling It's a general rule that you shouldn't use your puppy's name during training, at least not in a negative way. Read More 

Getting Your Dog To Cooperate At Bath Time

29 July 2015
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Bathing your dog is an essential part of any grooming regimen. Some dogs do not like taking a bath and if your dog is one of them then you will have to find creative ways to get your pet to take a bath. Here are a few tips you can use to get your dog to be more accommodating at bath time. Make Pleasant Connections If your dog runs away or hides when they know it is time for a bath then it is time for you to get your dog to connect bath time with happy times. Read More