Getting Your Dog To Cooperate At Bath Time

29 July 2015
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Bathing your dog is an essential part of any grooming regimen. Some dogs do not like taking a bath and if your dog is one of them then you will have to find creative ways to get your pet to take a bath. Here are a few tips you can use to get your dog to be more accommodating at bath time.

Make Pleasant Connections

If your dog runs away or hides when they know it is time for a bath then it is time for you to get your dog to connect bath time with happy times. You can do this by always offering your dog a tasty treat right after bath time. You can also have a new chew toy ready to give them right after a bath. Play fetch or go to the park right after bath time so that your dog can start associating bath time with these fun activities.

Train Your Dog Ahead Of Time

Practice makes perfect, so one of the best things you can do is to get your dog to practice going in and out of a tub beforehand. Place a rubber mat in the tub if you use the one in your bathroom, this will prevent your dog from sliding. Throw a treat into the empty tub and instruct your dog to get in. After your dog gets into the tub and eats the treat, you can give them another treat for staying in the tub. Repeat this practice when the actual bath time comes around.

Use A Friendly Shampooing Strategy

Place some cotton in your dog's ears to prevent water and shampoo from getting into them. Water in the ears may get your dog agitated and prevent them from cooperating during a bath. Use a washcloth to shampoo and clean your dog's face gently, this will give you more control over the shampoo and prevent it from getting into your pets eyes and nose. Once you have shampooed your dog's entire body, use a pitcher to pour water over them in the tub, use your hand to gently rub the dog as you pour the water on them. This strategy has two effects, it removes the shampoo while allowing you to gently rub and soothe your pet.

Getting a dog who hates baths to cooperate at bath time requires some planning but getting your pet clean and fresh makes the effort worthwhile.

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