Pave The Way To Your Pet's Stardom

27 October 2019
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Do you often wonder how well known animals got their start in show business? Maybe, you are fond of a dog that is often seen in commercials and are thinking that your pooch is the perfect fit for the same line of work. It can be very alluring to envision a lucrative career that involves showing off your pet's best attributes while countless people view the footage on their television sets. If you would like to get started on your pet's journey to stardom, proper training and perseverance are required.

Sign Up For An Obedience Class

If your pet hasn't received any formal training and only knows a few basic commands, signing your dog up for obedience lessons will be helpful. Film producers and talent scouts are interested in casting animals that are alert, well-mannered, and obedient. If your pet is cast in a production, they could be placed in various situations that involve being around unfamiliar faces and dealing with loud noise and constant motion. Your dog will need to follow commands on cue and pay constant attention to the person who is directing them.

After enrolling your pet in an obedience class, be honest about your intentions. A trainer can help with basics, such as teaching your pet to sit, lay down, and come, but may also offer some advanced strategies that will assist with training your pet to remain obedient in social settings. Don't be hesitant to ask about ways that you can implement the training techniques while you are at home.

If your pet gets a grasp on the commands and you are ready to test their skill level while they are in public, take your pet to a park and attempt to go through the training routine with them. Constant reinforcement is needed, so be prepared to work on training techniques on every opportunity that you receive.

Apply For Jobs And Contact A Producer Or An Agency

Sometimes, production companies will advertise that they are looking for a dog to be used as an extra in a commercial advertisement or a short film. Apply for each job that you think that your pet qualifies for. Another way to receive exposure is by contacting producers or a scout from a talent agency.

Prepare a portfolio that includes photographs of your dog and a description of their work experience. You may not receive any feedback initially and it could seem as if your pet will never receive the opportunity to be filmed in a production. If you remain driven and continue reaching out to others, you may eventually receive the lucky break that you have been waiting for.

For more information, contact companies like Animals For Film by Teresa Ann Miller.