A Few Things To Consider When Looking For A Dog Trainer

11 April 2018
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A pet dog can truly be man's best friend. They will love you unconditionally and bring a smile to your face when you are having a bad day. They seem to understand when they need to be there for you. However, training a dog to be and do what you need takes time and dedication. When your pet has a few personality quirks you find undesirable, you should probably consider getting outside help from dog training services. The thing is, not all trainers are the same and you need to make sure you find the one that will be best for both you and your pet. Here are a few things to consider to make sure everyone comes out of the experience satisfied with the results.


While it is said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, this is not always the case. Many dogs can be trained up into their senior years. It may take longer and a more patient trainer, but it can be done. Ask the potential professional if they have experience with older dogs, what they expect from them, and how differently they handle an older dog from a puppy.


Different dog breeds have different innate traits. While any dog can be trained, they might not ever be what you completely want. This does not mean in a any way you should not have that dog; it just means that you have to be realistic in your expectations. A good dog trainer knows and understands this and will discuss it with you. Any trainer that says they can fix any problem in any dog is not being completely honest and should be avoided.


What you consider to be a problem may not be something the trainer sees as one. Of course, the opposite is also true; you may want your dog to bark at everything and the trainer may work to stop that habit. When you talk with any professional, be sure to list exactly what you are hoping to achieve with the training. Be sure to tell them what you want changed in their behavior and what you want left alone.

Be aware that some trainers will want to work with your dog alone for a few sessions and then have you there to teach you how to control the behavior and to reinforce things in your dog's mind. You decide how involved you want and need to be and discuss it with the trainer before things get started. Of course, the whole objective is to have a pet that fits your ideal of a best friend.