3 Keys To Training Your Dog

17 October 2017
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If you want to get the most from your dog ownership, it pays to train them the best that you can. Owning a dog will be more of a pleasure when you train the dog, because they'll be well behaved, even-tempered and a joyful part of your family. In this regard, you will want to learn as much as you can about training a dog, so that this process is successful and enjoyable. 

#1: Understand the main commands that your dog needs to know

While you can train your dog for years, it's important to know first and foremost which training commands and techniques are essential. "Stay" is definitely the first command you'll need to train your dog to obey, because it freezes them in their tracks and keeps them out of danger. Teaching your dog to sit is incredibly important as well, so that they're able to eat and be behaved when you need them to calm down. When you want to be certain that your dog is following these commands, use positive reinforcement. Regardless of what sort of dog you own, you'll be able to teach them pretty quickly when you're consistent. 

#2: Hire a trainer to assist you

If you're hitting a snag with the training or just want to make sure that it's setting in. One of the best things you can do is hire a professional dog trainer. You'll get incredibly quick results when working with a dog trainer, and can save some personal time in the process. Shop around for a great trainer by seeing videos and testimonials of their previous work. Be sure that you also check around for affordable prices, so their work can be budgeted. Hiring a dog trainer can cost you anywhere between approximately $75 and $2,000

#3: Socialize your dog

It's very much worth your while to socialize your dog as well. Make sure that you're taking your pet to a no-leash dog park as a great way to let them spend time with others. They'll get the chance to let out some energy and will learn to co-exist with others. Socializing your dog is a great idea because it aids with and solidifies the other training you're doing. It pays to begin socializing your dog as early as possible -- preferably around the 8 to 12 weeks mark.

So take advantage of these three tips and get help when you need to train your dog.  Contact a training company, like DePaul k9 Academy, for more help.